The 2022 IBBA Conference – A Sense of Normalcy

May 23, 2022

It was great to be at the 2022 International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado earlier this month. It was the first conference I had been to since the pandemic started and the attendance was the largest ever for the conference with over 700 attendees!

So, while gas prices and inflation rise and the war in Ukraine continues, the IBBA conference brought a sense of normalcy with so many business brokers and M&A professionals networking, learning and sharing insights and observations on the market and the industry.

As a member of the IBBA Board of Governors and the Education Committee, I see first hand how much time and effort goes into planning such a conference. The Executive Director and her team did a wonderful job to plan and execute a high quality, high energy event.

At the event, I was honored to be one of two recipients of the 2022 Fellow of the IBBA lifetime award for professionalism, achievement, and service. It has been an honor to be part of this organization.

With Spring’s arrival here in New England, I look forward to more signs of normalcy.