Selling a Business, Charitable Contributions, and IRS Compliance: The Importance of the Business Valuation

Nov 28, 2021

We have built our reputation on preparing detailed, defensible, and thorough business valuations for small and mid-sized privately held companies. When values matter, it is important to have an objective, certified business appraisal that will stand up to scrutiny and, in this case, IRS compliance.

A recent business valuation that we prepared had a number of factors contributing to the complexity of the valuation, including but not limited to:

  • Fractional ownership of the business
  • Multiple entities comprising the business being sold
  • Charitable contributions by a fractional owner including determining the total dollar value and per share value
  • Tight timeframe for sale of the business to a strategic buyer

Read the case study.

When Values Matter: If you or someone you know needs a business valuation for taxes, divorce, selling a business, or resolving a shareholder dispute, contact us to obtain a thorough business valuation that will stand up to rigorous scrutiny.