Machine and Equipment Appraisals

Why Would You Need An M&E Appraisal?

There are many compelling reasons for having a machinery and equipment valuation. The primary reason for an M&E appraisal is to determine the real value of your assets in today’s market.

Accurately Determining The Value Of Your Assets

Through Merrimack Business Appraisers, George Tournas, Senior Appraiser – Machinery & Equipment, offers independent, certified asset appraisals for all of your machinery, equipment and personal property valuation needs. The M&E appraisal identifies the assets of a company and our qualified appraiser understands the intricacies of those assets and recognizes their functions within a business.

Uses Of An Equipment & Machinery Appraisal

The client is usually buying the appraisal to impress upon another third party the reasonableness of a specific value of the asset in question. And the crux of the matter is that when that third party makes a decision about the value based on the appraiser’s opinion, it becomes binding upon the client. Certified M&E appraisals can be useful in the sale of assets, to obtain working capital, collateralize debt, and resolve disputes.

The Bottom Line

You need the best representation possible. The reputation and accreditations, along with the curriculum vitae of that machinery and equipment appraiser, speak to the quality cheap NHL jerseys China of work the client should expect. You also should consider the ability and willingness of the appraiser to defend his or her opinion – in court, to the IRS or to the buyer’s representatives.

Professional Certified M&E Appraisals

George Tournas, Senior Appraiser – Machinery & Equipment.
For a professional certified machinery and equipment appraisal, contact George Tournas.  He will ensure you receive an accurate and defensible valuation of your assets.

George N. Tournas, SPA, CEA

Curriculum Vitae

Senior Appraiser – Machinery & Equipment
George Tournas provides appraisals of machinery, equipment, and personal property for lenders, insurance companies and owners for buy-sell agreements, collateralization, bankruptcy, tax filing, and dispute resolutions.

Used Equipment Dealer
Extensive experience in valuing, buying, and selling a wide range of equipment types and values.

Professional Designations
  • CEA, Certified Equipment Appraiser, Association of Machinery and Equipment Dealers
  • SPA, Senior Professional Appraiser, National Association of Professional Appraisers
  • Founding Member, Certified Machine Tool Sales Engineer Program
  • Member, Institute of Business Appraisers
  • Secretary, New England Business Brokers Association
Professional Education:
  • Over 100 CPE hours of training in machinery and equipment valuation from the American Society of Appraisers, Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers, and American Machine Tool Distributors Association.
  • Twenty-two hours of training in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
Industry Experience:
  • Assets appraised include, but are not limited to: machine tools, office furniture, medical facilities, restaurants, auto repair, assembly facilities, office equipment, laboratories, grocery/variety/convenience stores, embroidery equipment, distribution centers, telephone systems, computers, silk screen printing, motor vehicles, medical equipment, off-road and recreational equipment and vehicles, inventory, and manufacturing facilities.

What M&E Appraisals Are Used For


– Succession Planning
– Gifts


– Tax Reduction Strategies
– Allocation of Purchase Price
– Capital Gains Taxes


– Partner Disputes
– Divorce
– Damages
– IRS Disputes


– Debt Collateralization
– Ownership Transfers

Caveat Emptor

M&E appraisal is a specialty that’s not often understood by the client, their other professional advisors, or other parties related to the situation.

If the appraisal is prepared by someone who isn’t properly qualified, the appraisal may fall apart under scrutiny.

Certified Business Appraisals