Industry Sector Appraisals

MBA has performed business valuations of companies operating in many different industry sectors, including the following Standard Industrial Classifications:

  • SIC 13 Oil and Gas Extraction
  • SIC 15 Building Construction – General Contractors and Operative Builders
  • SIC 16 Heavy Construction Contractors
  • SIC 17 Construction – Special Trade Contractors
  • SIC 20 Food and Kindred Products Manufacturing
  • SIC 22 Textile Mill Products Manufacturing
  • SIC 24 Lumber and Wood Products Manufacturing
  • SIC 27 Printing, Publishing and Allied Products
  • SIC 30 Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products Manufacturing
  • SIC 32 Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products Manufacturing
  • SIC 33 Primary Metal Industries
  • SIC 34 Fabricated Metal Products
  • SIC 35 Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment
  • SIC 36 Electronic, Electrical Equipment and Components Manufacturing
  • SIC 38 Measuring, Analytical and Control Instruments; Photographic, Medical and Optical Goods; and Watches and Clocks Manufacturing
  • SIC 39 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
  • SIC 41 Local, Suburban Transit and Interurban Highway Passenger Transport
  • SIC 42 Motor Freight Transportation and Storage
  • SIC 48 Communications
  • SIC 50 Wholesale Trade – Durable Goods
  • SIC 51 Wholesale Trade Nondurable Goods
  • SIC 52 Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply and Mobile Home Dealers
  • SIC 54 Food Stores
  • SIC 55 Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations
  • SIC 56 Apparel and Accessory Stores
  • SIC 57 Home Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment Stores
  • SIC 58 Eating and Drinking Places
  • SIC 59 Miscellaneous Retail (Liquor Stores, Pharmacies, Sporting Goods, Gifts, Home Heating Oil, Swimming Pools, Internet Resellers, etc.)
  • SIC 61 Nondepository Credit Institutions
  • SIC 62 Security and Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges and Services
  • SIC 64 Insurance Agents, Brokers and Services
  • SIC 65 Real Estate (Development, Management, Operation, Agents and Brokers, etc.)
  • SIC 67 Holding and Other Investment Offices
  • SIC 70 Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps, and Other Lodging Places
  • SIC 72 Personal Services (Photographic Studios, Hair Salons, Funeral Services and Homes, Debt Reduction Services, Parking Lots, etc.)
  • SIC 73 Business Services (Advertising Services, Staffing Services, Entertainment Equipment and Computer Programming, Hardware, and Networking Services, Alarm System Monitoring, etc.)
  • SIC 75 Automotive Repair, Services and parking
  • SIC 78 Motion Pictures
  • SIC 79 Amusement and Recreation Services
  • SIC 80 Health Services (Offices of Physicians, Dentists, Physical Therapists, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, etc.)
  • SIC 81 Legal Services
  • SIC 82 Educational Services
  • SIC 83 Social Services
  • SIC 87 Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management and Related Services
  • SIC 89 Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

Please contact us for specific information regarding the industries and types of companies we have the expertise to appraise.

Caveat Emptor

Business appraisal is a specialty that’s not often understood by the client, their other professional advisors, or other parties related to the situation.

If the appraisal is prepared by someone who isn’t properly certified, the appraisal may fall apart under scrutiny.

Certified appraisals, prepared by certified/accredited appraisers in full compliance with the professional standards of the leading professional associations and USPAP, will stand up to challenge by opposing parties.

The Bottom Line:
An unimpeachable appraisal will save the client time, aggravation and unnecessary additional professional fees (legal and accounting).

Certified Business Appraisals