If You’re Planning a Business Sale, Plan on a Certified Business Valuation

Dec 13, 2021

Are you thinking about retiring or selling your business in the New Year? If so, getting a business valuation should be an essential component of your plans.

Certified business appraisers can help facilitate a business sale by determining the fair market value of a business. This avoids leaving money on the table, so you can get the best possible value.

When values matter during a business sale, we recommend receiving a thorough business valuation depending on your unique situation, including:

  • If you’re starting the sales process, reach out early to a certified business appraiser, who can thoroughly assess all factors that might impact the business valuation.
  • If you’re already in the process of negotiating a sale, get a certified business appraiser involved as soon as possible, in order to resolve any potential discrepancies in value.

A recent business valuation was prepared when negotiations for selling a business stalled over the sales price and securing financing. The buyer had relied on a CPA firm that had valued the business at $800,000. A certified business appraisal substantiated the value of the business, enabling the seller to make a substantial amount more on the sale and the deal was closed at an expedited pace, minimizing further buyer due diligence and reducing costs. Read the case study.

Values Matter when selling a business. If you or someone you know is thinking about selling a business in the New Year, contact us to not leave money on the table. A business valuation is an essential part of the plan and should be planned well in advance of a transaction. We offer a free and confidential consultation to help determine next steps for your unique situation.