Valuation for Estate Tax Settlement

Real Estate Appraisal as Input into the Process


A fractional owner of a light manufacturing company in Massachusetts passed away. The CPA referred the family to Lou Pereira at Merrimack Business Appraisers to complete valuations of the fractional shares of the business for settlement of the estate.

The light manufacturing company was owned by one group and a separate entity owned the real estate on which the company operated.

Merrimack Business Appraisers’ Approach

    Business valuations were needed for both entities, the light manufacturing company and the real estate holding company, to then define valuation of the fractional shares in each to settle the estate.

    Pereira developed a thorough business valuation that reflected the valuation of the manufacturing company and the value of the real estate holding company. An appraisal of the real estate was prepared separately by a real estate professional and then incorporated into developing the valuation of the real estate and then determining fractional share interests in each entity.

    Valuation Outcome

    Business appraisals for the operating company and the real estate holding company were completed, with supporting documentation of how and why the valuations were determined and how the deceased’s value of fractional ownership was attained. The final business valuation reports enabled the settlement of the estate.

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