Collaborative Dispute Resolution and Business Valuation

An Alternative to Traditional Litigation

Collaborative Law and collaborative dispute resolution focus on communicating, negotiating, and collaborating to achieve an agreed settlement. This approach offers each party the benefit of avoiding costly, lengthy, and often stressful court proceedings to resolve family law matters. In the case of a divorce where a business interest is involved, a business valuation may be desired to provide an objective opinion of value of the business.

Attorneys involved in the collaborative law process for a divorce often seek advice from neutral advisors, including certified business appraisers. Parties may agree to use a single business valuation company for business valuation, agreeing to abide by the opinion of value prepared and saving on costs with one valuation prepared.

Merrimack Business Appraisers has developed many business valuations for divorce settlement via Collaborative Law and settlement counsel work. As an objective, neutral party, our success is determined by the number of times the issue of business value has been resolved based on our company valuation reports without court proceedings.

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