Why Would You
Need a Machine
and Equipment

There are many compelling reasons for having a machinery and equipment valuation.

The primary reason for an M&E appraisal is to determine the real value of your assets in today’s market.

Valuation Triggers

The reason for needing a machine and equipment appraisal may be triggered by:


Succession Planning


Partner Disputes
IRS Disputes


Tax Reduction Strategies
Allocation of Purchase Price
Capital Gains Taxes


Debt Collateralization
Ownership Transfers
Machine and Equipment Appraisals

Accurately Determining the Value of Your Assets

An independent, certified asset appraisal for your machinery, equipment, and personal property may meet your valuation needs. An M&E appraisal identifies the assets of a company and our qualified appraiser understands the intricacies of the assets and their functions within your business.

Uses of a Machine and Equipment Appraisal

The client is usually buying the appraisal to impress upon another third party the reasonableness of a specific value of the asset in question. And the crux of the matter is that when that third party makes a decision about the value based on the appraiser’s opinion, it becomes binding upon the client. Certified M&E appraisals can be useful in the sale of assets, to obtain working capital, collateralize debt, and resolve disputes.

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Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Just like a business valuation, you want a machine and equipment appraisal that will stand up to scrutiny. The reputation, accreditations, and expertise of the machinery and equipment appraiser is important. Make sure you have a quality appraiser who can and will defend the machine and equipment appraisal in front of a trier of fact, the court, or the buyer’s representatives.

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