When Values Matter – Objectivity is a Must

Did you know that an appraiser must promote and preserve the public trust inherent in appraisal practice by observing the highest standards of professional ethics?

We at Merrimack Business Appraisers pride ourselves on being unfailingly objective.

The Appraisal Foundation, a private, non-profit educational organization, ensures that an appraiser must perform assignments with impartiality, objectivity, and independence, and without accommodation of personal interests.

The Appraisal Foundation is the nation’s foremost authority on the valuation profession. The organization sets the Congressionally-authorized standards and qualifications…and provides voluntary guidance on recognized valuation methods and techniques for all valuation professionals.

(Source: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice 2020-2021 Edition, The Appraisal Foundation, page E.)

The Foundation’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) has established ethical and performance standards for the appraisal profession in the US. Adopted by Congress in 1989, USPAP is updated every two years so that appraisers have the information they need to deliver unbiased and thoughtful opinions of value. Read more…

The organization also provides important guidance in the form of Advisory Opinions and Frequently Asked Questions. The issues affecting valuation can be complex leaving the marketplace often confused which is why the selection of a business appraiser must be undertaken carefully. Read more…

Louis Pereira has completed the most intensive training in the country and earned the highest designations available in the field of business valuations. There are fewer than 200 Certified Business Appraisers in the country, and Lou Pereira is one of them. In New England, he is one of only a dozen having earned the rigorous designation of Certified Business Appraiser. Read more…

At Merrimack Business Appraisers, we are here to help when you need a business valuation. And you can always count on us for objectivity.